Submitting A Template Design

At ReadyRez, we know that we can't always come up with the best designs ever.  We try very hard to give you the variety of templates you need to show yourself off the way you want to be seen.  But, we know other people might be able to make something better.  If you feel that way, submit your designs for the chance to win some cold hard cash. 

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After Submission

We will never publish any personal infromation from your resume on, however, by sending us your design you are giving us full rights to purchase the "look & feel" of your submission.  We're sorry, but not all submissions will be used.

If we decide to use your template you will be rewarded with a crispy hundo, also known as $100 USD.  So send them in... what do you have to lose?

If we choose to use your design we will send you an email and get your contact information so you can get paid!

Thanks Friends,



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