Sharing Your Resume

We at ReadyRez, are always trying to come up with new ways to get your resume out in the world, other than just hitting the streets ready to hand out a stack of papers to anyone you see.  We have come up with some great tools so you are prepared and have your resume on you at all times. 

Custom URL Link:

You are able to use a custom URL link just about anywhere these days.  Our custom URL's function on any PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone which means you have access 24/7.  These are just a few of the ways you can put that link to use:

  • Paste the link in an email or in your signature
  • Print business cards with basic contact information and a link to your resume
  • Rent a plane banner and fly your link all over the city for a day. Someone has to notice that!
  • Put your picture and link on a billboard. We have yet to have people do this, but we think it would work!
  • Text your link to anyone
  • Put your link on your website, or Facebook profile

Custom Link Buttons (on the right)

If you have a blog or website, you know exactly how these can be used. The sizes should fit right in with most of the other link buttons that are offered across the internet.  Be sure you link to the exact resume you want if you have multiple resumes in your account.  

Phone, Tablet, and Facebook Apps

We are currently exploring the ways to create and effectively use a ReadyRez app for these popular platforms.  If you would like to help us get where we need to be with any of these great platforms contact us today. We are trying our best to help people land jobs, and if you have the right skill set and want to be part of helping people get employed, we would love to have you.

Public or Private

We respect your privacy, and if you are like the thousands of people who are using ReadyRez as a permanent storage place for your resume we get it.  You don't want everyone searching and seeing your resume if you already have a great job.  On the profile, we let you select if you want your resume to be public or private.  We have your back either way! 

Create a custom ReadyRez button for your website or blog by inserting HTML code from below.


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