FAQ & Basics

ReadyRez FAQ:

What types files can I upload to use the custom URL, tracking, and storage features?

For right now, you can only upload a PDF document in the profile.  We are currently working on the ability to upload more formats.  

I uploaded a PDF, but I cannot edit my resume.  How can I edit my uploaded resume? 

Unfortunately when you upload a PDF we do not have the ability to make that file editable.  If you would like to create and be able to edit a resume, enter your information in our resume creator and select a template.  That way you will be able to edit your resume at any time.

Can I have more than one resume? 

Yes!  On your profile page at the top, there are tabs that represent your resumes.  You can add a resume by clicking the "+" tab.  You are allowed to have up to 5 resumes for one profile.

How do I know ReadyRez won't publish or sell my personal information

Trust us. We are not in this to make bagillions. If we were it wouldn't be free.     

Can I submit my resume information to ReadyRez?

No, ReadyRez is a service for creating a great resume.  If you already have a great resume that is terrific.  We encourage you to back up your resume information and take advantage of our URL service so you have every option available to you.    

Who will be able to see my resume?

You can make your personal URL public so anyone can view your resume.  You can also disable the URL making it private, so you are the only one that can view your resume from your profile when logged into your account.  

Can I send my resume from ReadyRez to businesses?

We offer you the ability to list your resume in some of the best job search sites available.  We HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of those options.  With your custom URL you can send anyone a link to your resume at anytime.  That link can be put to use in e-mails, on business cards, in a letter... etc.    

Can I change and add information to my profile anytime?

Yes, ReadyRez is available to be edited anytime you want.    

Can ReadyRez write a resume for me?

We currently do not write resumes for people, however, we can lead you to some incredible resume writers.

How can I show my support of ReadyRez?

You can fan us on Facebook and follow us on twitter, but the most help would be to tell your friends about us and have them give it a shot.    

How can I delete my account?

We are sad to see you go, and want you to reconsider.  This is FREE.  That is the only thing we can say to try to change your mind.  If you still want to go after that long convincing talk we just had, you will find a "delete account" button at the bottom of your profile.  Click it and, goodbye.  We will miss you.

I am still confused... how can I submit a question to ReadyRez?

At the bottom of almost every page is a contact link.  This will provide you the ability to send in questions, comments, and concerns to ReadyRez. 

ReadyRez Basics:

  • ReadyRez is a totally free service.

  • We will never add your name to spam lists or sell your personal information.  Heck, we won't even be able to look at your personal information.

  • When you sign up and create an account you recieve your own custom URL that shows your resume at all times.

  • By making your resume with ReadyRez you have access to edit, update, and view it from anywhere at anytime.

  • ReadyRez is not a corporate owned company.  It's just 2 guys that want to try to help people be their best during the jobsearch process.

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