Adding Your Resume Content:

In order to start adding your content that makes you awesome, click the content titles below to add that specific information.  As you add more information, your resume will grow and grow.  Adding your information in categories gives us the ability to generate your resume with the template you choose. 

When you click “hide” or “show” it gives you the ability to have your information available and saved, but you can “hide” content from our resume generator.  This means that only what you want to show off will be seen.

You also have the ability to move your content categories in whatever order you want.  Remember, whatever order you choose will be the order in the generated resume. 

Lastly, If you want to see what your resume looks like at any time, just click “View URL” above, or the image of  your “current resume template” on the right side.

Now, start making the perfect resume!

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