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At ReadyRez, we try to give you as much as possible for free. Over the course of the last few years, we have received a lot of requests for additional services like resume reviews, job placement, and motivational talks.  We are proud to say we have assembled some of the best industry professionals in these respective fields, and they are ready, and willing to work with you today.  

To make a payment to ReadyRez and receive your additional benefits, follow these simple steps.

Select the services you would like, and add them to your shopping cart.
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We will do our best to get you in touch with our industry professional as soon as we can.  Often times, you will be contacted by email first, to either submit your resume, or set up a time for a phone call.

By purchasing additional services from you are not only creating a better opportunity for yourself, but you are funding a website that is trying to offer free resume services to people that might not be able to afford anything otherwise.

ReadyRez wants you to have the tools and skills to represent yourself as the best possible you. If you have additional questions, need more help with something in the industry, or want your services expedited, just contact us.

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