How does ReadyRez actually work?

How ReadyRez Works

In order to quickly create the perfect resume all you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps.  It won't take much time to set up an account, and it is totally free.  What do you have to lose besides a better job?

Enter Resume Content


After signing up for an account you can enter as much or as little resume content to your profile as desired.

Select A Resume Template

  After entering your resume content you go to the Templates Page, where you select what you would like your content to look like.

Click the "Apply Rez" button and your profile will automatically use the selected template.

View, Print, Send, & Save


Once you have selected a template you will have the ability to view your resume by going to your custom URL or your profile.  You can also save your resume as a PDF, or Microsoft Word document.  These options are located on the top of your profile page.

Lastly, you have the ability to send your resume in an email right from your profile.  This feature is located on the right side of your profile page.


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