Now, I know most people are wondering why we are posting about McDonald's, but it is because it is the largest quick service chain in the world with one of the top 10 most recognizable brands ever.  It is one of the largest single days of hiring employment ever. The company is trying to show that it is no longer a "dead end" job to work at McDonald's.  So if you are a corporate ladder climbing job seeker check this out.

"McDonald's jobs will soon be available to thosands.  McDonald's will embark on a hiring spree this month as it aims to change the restaurant's public conception as a place of dead-end work, according to a Reuters report.

As many as 50,000 new employees will be hired by the hamburger chain on April 19, increasing the workforce of the corporation by 7.7 percent. This kind of hiring spree is not unheard of as the seasons move into summer, but McDonald's is striving for publicity with this particular event."


"The massive hiring day is meant to spread awareness that McDonald's offers opportunities for career growth. Yingling said that many of the top executives and franchise owners in the company had worked their way up to the top."


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Be ready with your resume for April 19th.