ReadyRez lets you create a resume and share it with ease.  You can select a template or submit a template for us to use in the future.  With ReadyRez you enter your information, organize it how you want, then print, send, and save it when your finished.  The best part is that we will be here later if you need your resume information again.

"The custom URL lets me give someone my resume at anytime.  I am prepared at all times!"
"If you are looking for a job, how do you have the extra funds to be able to purchase resume help?  You don't and ReadyRez knows that."
"When I look to hire, I love when people email a cover letter and include a link to their ReadyRez resume URL.  It saves me loads of time."

Who started ReadyRez?

ReadyRez was started by two friends from college that had a great 4 year run.  Senior year was time to take life seriously, make a resume, and get a life right?  We both didn't like the resume process and thought it should be easier so we came up with a very loose form of what is now ReadyRez.  Even though we both took very different paths after college we still thought ReadyRez would truly help people succeed in getting the job of their dreams so we took the time, developed the idea, and invested what little money we have to give you this free service.  We hope it gets you a little bit closer to your dreams.  If you need help just let us know by sending us a message.


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