Profile Tips

ReadyRez has a lot of features available with just a few clicks.  If you have further questions or to report a problem with any functions of the Website please contact us.

ReadyRez Main Functions

In your profile at the top of the page you can find this menu bar where you can view your URL with your resume, download your resume as a WORD document, Download your resume as a PDF document, or Send your resume to anyone,

On the left side of that same menu bar you can see the resume template currently applied to your content.

"Hide" Or "Show" Your Content (We call it ghosting)

This feature is available to use on every piece of content you add to your resume.  When you click "hide" you will notice the content item will fade to a lighter gray.  That content is still available and has not been erased.  It is just hidden so when you go to your URL to generate your resume the "hidden" items will not be shown.  When you click "Show" the item will be included when you generate your resume.

This is a great function when you are applying for specific jobs and don't want to show all of your experience that is not relevant to the position you are applying for.

E-mail Your Resume From Your Profile

In the content boxes on the right side of the screen you will find a place to send your resume in an email.  this is a great way to have friends, co-workers or family proof read, forward, or check out your resume.  As a back-up we recommend sending yourself an e-mail with your resume attached too.  You can never be too safe! With this you also have the option to send it as a PDF or as a WORD document.  We suggest you always send it as a PDF so people can't change your information, but we wanted to give you the option for those "just in case" times.

Organizing Your Resume Content Order

When you add content to your resume, we will put it in the order that we recommend the most.  But, you have the ability to organize the order of your resume.  Drag and drop content in the order you would like to see it when the resume is generated.  You can do this with the cross with the arrows on the left side of the content bar you wish to move.

Add Any Content Title You Want

Let's say your resume requires you to have very specific titles within the content.  You have the ability to create those custom content categories by selecting "Other" in the "Add Content" section.  There, you can edit anything you need, giving you your custom content for your resume.

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