Some reasons why people heart ReadyRez.
"ReadyRez is the best free resume tool on the internet. Let me rephrase that.  ReadyRez is the best resume tool ever"


READYREZ IS TOTALLY FREE. Readyrez will never charge you for using our services.  our clients are in college, in high school, or don't have an income, and we know you are low on funds. CUSTOMIZE ALL OF YOUR CONTENT ReadyRez was made so that everyone has the ability to create a resume that reflects their own personality easily and efficiently.
JOB SEARCH COMPATABILITY. Our resumes can be aubmitted to any job search companies like,, Yahoo Hot Jobs, and DOWNLOAD IN PDF OR MICROSOFT WORD.  Get the options you need.  You can download your resume in word and edit whatever you want, or you can just start sending and posting your PDF anywhere.
CUSTOM URL. Chances are you don't walk around with a printed copy of your resume at all times for that "just in case" moment.  Now, technically youcan have it wherever you go. SUBMIT DESIGNS FOR CASH. Show us what you have if you think your design should be one of our templates.  If we like it we will send you a crispy 100$ bill.
PUBLIC OR PRIVATE.  Maybe you want everyone to be able to see your resume, or maybe you don't want anyone to be able to see it.  Either way we have it covered. MOBILE ACCESS.  Access your account to update your resume or send it to someone from any smart phone.
WRITING HELP. We have compiled one of the largest online resume writing help databases available, and it is always growing.  Not only for resumes, but also for cover letters. INTERVIEW PROCESS HELP. You aren't done when you just make a great resume.  You need to intervies and find that job!  We are here to guide you through that too.
OPEN POSITION NOTIFICATIONS. In "The Breakroom" we can notify you of any great new job openings as soon as we hear about them. TONS OF TEMPLATES. We have a constantly growing collection of templates to give you choices to stand out!
YOUR RESUME IS HERE TO STAY. Wether you come back tomorrow or in 9 years, your resume will still be here.  No more looking through old hard drives, or stacks of paper. PRINT YOUR RESUME. We believe you need a hard copy, and you will forever.  There is something about holding a resume that means a lot to some people.  we have it covered.  You can print your resume from your profile, URL, or if you save it to your desktop.
UNLIMITED ACCESS. If you have the internet, ReadyRez will be here for you. HTML CODE BUTTONS. on your profile you have access to HTML code for readyrez buttons so you can get the word out in even more places!
SEND YOUR RESUME. we make getting your resume out there easy.  With ReadyRez you have the ability to send your resume to any email address. ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE. Organizing everything for a resume each time you need to use it is always the worst.  At ReadyRez you make it one time and come back for it when you need it.
WE CARE HEART. Seriously we do.  The whole reason we made ReadyRez was to make getting a job easier.  Too many people let resumes become a mental road block.  We are here to help. TRUST US.  We are going to make mistakes because we are human.  But if you trust us and what we say you will have the best chance at a job.



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